MITSI is a Paragon of Reliability, Efficiency, Quality, Precision and Timeliness to see to it that your Diesel Engines will work efficiently. It takes pride on its State-of-the-Art Technology, Competent Engineers, Experienced Technicians, Hard-working Personnel, as well as its Well-Equipped Workshop/Specialized Welding Services.  

Our Able Engineers, Technicians and Personnel are available anytime of the day, wherever you need our Services regarding the Supply, Overhaul and Repair of your Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke, Low and Medium Speed Marine and Industrial Diesel Engine and its Auxiliaries. We also supply brand new or reconditioned diesel engine and its parts of all excellent makes, brands and types, the quality of which are guaranteed 100%.


We specialize on the supply, overhaul and repair of turbochargers. Our fully-trained and experienced engineers, and technicians, who work 24/7, on-site or in-house, are adept in all makes, types and brands of turbochargers. To promptly attend to your needs and without compromising your continuous and unhampered operations, we have sufficient supply of turbocharger, rotorshaft, compressor wheels, casings, maintenance kits, fixing tools, and others, complete with warranty.  


Diesel Engine Total Solutions

Repair, Maintenance, Reconditioning and Supply of Engineering Parts for Industrial Plants, Power Stations, Worldwide Shipping and Offshore Marine Installations.  
Alignment and Chokfasting
Engine Rebuilding
Connecting Rod Reconditioning and Repair
Liner Fabrication
Liner Honing
Cylinder / Engine Block Crack Repair
Roto Cap Reconditioning 

Overhaul / Repair

Assembly, Removal/dismantling, Inspection, Cleaning, Decarbonizing, Calibration, Leak test and Pressure test 

Reconditioning Services

Piston Crown Repair / Reconditioning, Exhaust Valve Spindle & Seat, Exhaust Valve Housing, Cylinder Cover Reconditioning, Heat Exchanger Repairs, Rebabbitting, Piston Rod Repair, Stress Relieving 

Fuel Equipment Services

Fuel Injectors, Fuel Nozzles, Fuel Valves, Fuel Pumps, HP Fuel Piping, Governor Calibration, for Mains and Auxiliary Engines  



Marine / Industrial / Automotive

Dynamic Balancing
Rotor shaft Repairs
Reconditioning of Bearing and Lubricating Oil Pumps
Reclamation of Worn Cover Rings
Repair of Bearing Seats
Shaft End Repair

Other Products + Services

Specialized Welding (All types)
Steel & Pipe Fabrication
Hardness Testing
Non-destructive Testing
Engine Diagnostic/Analysis
Preventive Maintenance & Conditioning Monitoring

Spare Parts

Major & Spare Parts Supply
Purifiers (Fuel + Lubricating Oil)
Compressors (Air + Refrigeration)
Oil Water Separator
Generators – Brand new and Surplus
Automotive Turbo / Intercooler / Piping

Cylinder Liner

We supply Cylinder Liners from experienced and innovative quality system for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. We are available with cylinder bore from 260mm up to 700mm. Cylinder Liner is one of the key components for the proper operation of the engine and costly item which required periodically exchanged caused wear-out by piston motion. So you should make choice reliable product with high-quality material and strict process.

Cylinder Cover

We supply Cylinder Cover with superior quality for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. We are available with cylinder bore from 165mm up to 600mm and especially keeping many stocks for 4-stroke engines.

Cylinder Crown

We supply various Piston Crown for 2-stroke engines. We are available with cylinder bore from 280mm up to 600mm. Piston Crown is one of the components for combustion chamber along with Cylinder Liner, Cylinder Cover. Piston Crown absorbs compression and explosion power and piston rod can be performed up-stroke and down-stroke in the cylinder liner. The material of Piston Crown is Steel Forging.

Fuel Injection Engine Parts

• Nozzle Tip & Atomizer
• Fuel Injection Valve & Pump Assembly
• Plunger & Barrel Assembly
• F.O / Exhaust / Intake CAM
• Delivery Valve
• Tappet Roller & Roller Guide / Pin


Drum Type

a.) Very economical, reliable equipment which is widely used for many kinds of ships and oil-tankers, industrial machinery. (press, shearing, bending, forming, printing, packing metal working, construction, gold shear, flying shear, etc.)

b.) Aluminum shoes help the ventilating. Especially, easy to assemble and repair with simple structure.

c.) Easy control to transmit the power. Used for Tension Brake and machine which required slip conditions around shaft by periods.

d.) Used as shaft couplings or holding brake for Laundry
Machines, Textile Machines, etc...

Piston Type

a.) Clutch and Brake unit structure. Easy assembly and changing linings. Protect mold base and work safety with fast braking system.

b.) Suited for Tension Brake and soft products. Effective heat emission, makes possible compulsory cooling.
Easy assembly and changing linings.

c.) Braked by spring and worked by air pressure. Safe working with automatic brake in case of power cut or low air pressure situation.

d.) Only for clutches and transfer torque softly. Can be used in high speed and high temperature. Effective heat emission and have a long life.

e.) Suited for control at middle of shaft. Clutch and Brake unit structure. Protected from heat with disc's cooling fan of clutch and brake. Endurable and firm, also smooth working.

f.) Doesn't need gear concentricity to assemble because of unit structure. Can install without allowance errors because it is assembled around shaft. Can be used in damp or dryness situations.

a.) Standard Torque Disc Clutch or Brake     b.) High Torque Disc Clutch or Brake     c.) Spring Set Disc Brake     d.) Ventilated Disc Clutch
                                e.) Water Cooled Disc Brake     f.) Copper Cooled Disc Brake     g.) Copper Cooled Studded Brake


Diesel Engine Components and Turbochargers

◦  ABB Exhaust Gas Turbocharger (All Types)
◦  Napier Turbocharger (All Types)
◦  Holset / KBB, Schwitzer Turbocharger (All Types)
◦  Yanmar
◦  Daihatsu
◦  Niigata
◦  Hitachi (B&W)
◦  Hanshin
◦  Akasaka
◦  Mitsubishi
◦  Mitsubishi-MAN
◦  Mitsubishi-Kobe
◦  Makita
◦  Fuji
◦  B&W (MAN)
◦  Duetz
◦  Cummins
◦  Perkins
◦  Pielstick
◦  Mirrless
◦  Sulzer
◦  Wartsila
◦  Vasa
◦  Kawasaki (MAN)
◦  CAT
◦  MTU

Diesel Engine Spare Parts

◦  Exhaust Manifold
◦  Starting Air Valve
◦  Fuel Infection Valve
◦  Charge Air Cooler
◦  Fuel Injection Pump
◦  Regulating Linkage
◦  Cams
◦  Camshaft
◦  Cylinder Liner
◦  Main Bearing Cap
◦  Oil Sump
◦  Crankshaft
◦  Cover and Safety Explosion Valves
◦  Con Rod
◦  Piston
◦  Crankshaft Bearing
◦  Cylinder Head
◦  Inlet and Exhaust Valves
◦  Rocker Arms
◦  Turbocharger
◦  Fuel Pressure Valve and High Pressure Fuel Pipe
◦  Valve Drive Mechanism

Fast Moving Parts

◦  Fuel Nozzle
◦  Inlet Valve and Valve Seat
◦  Exhaust Valve and Valve Seat
◦  Piston
◦  Piston Rings
◦  Oil Scraper Rings
◦  Rotating Mechanism
◦  Top End (Spherical) Bearing
◦  Bottom End Bearing
◦  Main Bearing
◦  Fuel Pump
◦  Plunger and Barrel
◦  Guide Bush
◦  Cylinder Liner


◦  Various Bearings and Other Parts for Marine Use,
    Marine Diesel Engine
◦  Various Bearings and Other Parts for Rail Road Train
◦  Various Bearings and Other Parts for
    Power Plant Industry
◦  Compressor
◦  Chemical Plant
◦  Cement Factories
◦  Steel Plant
◦  Exhaust Gas Turbo Charger
◦  Thermal Power Plants and Hydro Power Plants
◦  Main Bearing
◦  Crank Pin Bearing
◦  Thrust Bearing – Thrust Pad Bearing
◦  Guide Bearing
◦  Piston Pin Bush
◦  Guide Shoe Bush
◦  Rocker Arm Bush
◦  Cross Head Bearing
◦  Sleeve Bearing
◦  Compressor Bearing
◦  Turbine Bearing
◦  Tilting Pad Bearing
◦  Radial Bearing
◦  Radial Axial Bearing
◦  Pedestal Bearing

◦  Shell Bearing
◦  Steady Rest Bearing
◦  Ball Mill Bearing
◦  Roller Bearing
◦  Slide Shoe Bearing
◦  Compressor Tilting Pad Sleeve Bearing
◦  Journal Bearing
◦  Tilting Pad Journal
◦  Offset Bearing Left
◦  Offset Bearing Right
◦  Thrust Metal INP
◦  Shaft Bearing
◦  Bearing Metal
◦  Gas Turbine Tilting Pad Bearing
◦  Bearing Ring (MID)
◦  Double Tilting Bearing
◦  Thrust Bearing Casing
◦  Thrust Bearing Ring
◦  Thrust Plate
◦  H.P. Bearing
◦  L.P. Bearing
◦  Shortened Bearing
◦  Upper Guide Bearing
◦  Lower Guide Bearing
◦  Middle Bush
◦  Upper Bush and Lower Bush


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